Water sunk the titanic in anger, feigned to defend its maker. When water breaks, there is birth, water is breath to the thirsty…

WATER /’what,a/ WONDER

​This water is the land owner, there at creation; channelled like royal gold. It was like bed….


…Bhai, am something, when you loose me, I am present; caught am I?

I am some thin, when I am f@ I am full of a good heart, butt am I?

3G LFE: Greatly Grated Gratitude IV

Β In this jargon, the simple conclusion is to first appreciate the enormous duty of gratitude: a slaughtered bull for a pagan-worshipped god, eulogy for the dead, chants for a king, dear-diary entries to a future spouse, a life of service to the CREATOR, a chaste-thought for the preservation of the earth, no-more-flesh-eating resolution , organic diet (the list should not end)….

3G LFE: Greatly Grated Gratitude II

To generate gratitude requires a code; a portal which is a secret pass only you can understand. Generating Gratitude is like preparing for…

3G LFE: Greatly Grated Gratitude

Gratitude is about rewards, or gratuity, but not sorely to reception alone. The necessity of GRATITUDE is in intention, the commodity for promise(s) spent, kept. Gratitude is a machination…